01. Vuntut Gwitchin Employment in Yukon Parks for Ni'iinlii Njik
and Ch'ihilii Chik Territorial Park and Habitat Protection Area

02. Engagement with the Oil & Gas Industry
03. Elders Council
04. Protection of the 1002 Lands
05. Gwich'in Council International
06. VGFN Traditional Replicas
07. Fluent Speaker Wages
08. Elders Home in Old Crow
09. Replacing the Protector of VG Trust
10. Support and services for VGFN beneficiaries in Whitehorse
11. Support for citizens in Whitehorse
12. Gwich'in Cultural Society
13. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
14. Social Assistance
15. Number of VGLP Directors
16. Administration of Justice
17. Healthcare Trust
18. Restructuring the Government
19. Elder and Youth Representation on Chief and Council
20. Moose Hunting in Crow Flats
21. Extending the Crow Mountain Road
22. RCMP Special Constables/Public Safety Officers
23. VGFN Funding and Spending Policy for Compensation Funds
24. Vuntut Development Boards
25. Vuntut Gwitchin Business Trust Trustee Appointment
26. Air North Scholarship/Bursary & Training Program
27. Loss of confidence in Leadership
28. VDC Board Members
29. Records Management Position