Government of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation -- Old Crow, Yukon Territory, Canada

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Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation
P.O. Box 94
Old Crow, Yukon
Canada, Y0B 1N0
Tel: (867) 966-3261

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Contacting VGFN

Contact us using the following form or scroll down for VGG staff phone, and extension numbers.

Contact Form

*** NOTE ***
For security reasons, we do not post our employee E-mail addresses.
A Few Words About Your Comments and Requests. We endeavor to answer every email. However, recently a small number of email systems occasionally refuse to deliver our emails to you. So if you've emailed us and haven't had a reply, please try again using a different email account. Chances are we've tried to reply but could not get through to you.

Vuntut Gwitchin Government Whitehorse Office: 508 3A Hanson
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Dorothy Frost Administrative Assistant | Vuntut Gwitchin Citizens Advocate/Administrative Assistant (867) 633-2911

Nation Building Phone: (867) 393-2070
Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm
Dennis Zimmermann Acting Strategic Lead of Nation Building Ext 1002
Charyl Charlie Implementation Advisor Ext 1001
Elizabeth Staples Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator
Linda Netro Executive Assistant Ext 1003

Chief and Council Phone: (867) 966-3261
Dana Tizya-Tramm Chief ext. 240
Paul Josie Deputy Chief ext. 226
Bonnee Bingham Councilor ext. 231
Executive Office Phone: (867) 966-3261
Erin Light Executive Director ext. 257
Loretta Itsi Executive Assistant ext. 229
Gyde Shepherd Communications Manager ext. 246
Finance Phone: (867) 966-3261
Ronda Jordan Director
Dhyan Singh Controller ext. 249
McKayla Kyikavichik Finance Clerk ext. 241
Michael Peter Finance clerk ext. 247
Kelly Ollett Accounts Receivable ext. 242
Human Resources Phone: (867) 966-3261
Joanna Charlie Human Resource Clerk ext. 228
Randel Kendi VGFN Main Receptionist ext. 221
Stewardship & Sustainability Phone: (867) 966-3261
Erika Tizya-Tramm Director (867) 668-3261
ext. 1
Brian Bell Lands Manager ext. 232
Jeremy Brammer Fish and Wildlife Manager ext. 222
Katherine Peter Lands Steward ext. 258
Robert Kaye Game Guardian ext. 237
Clifton Nukon Fish & Wildlife Technician ext. 236
Megan Williams Heritage Manager ext. 270/ (867) 668-3261 ext. 3
Brandon Kyikavichik Heritage Researcher ext. 401
Brianna Lord Heritage Coordinator ext. 260
Sophia Flather Language Coordinator ext. 272
Kathie Charlie Heritage Interpreter ext. 269
Government Services Phone: (867) 966-3261
William Josie Director ext. 234
Kelly Howie Housing Manager ext. 262
Chaleigh Charlie Admin ASsistant ext. 256
Duane DeBastien Construction Projects Manager ext. 243
Health and Social Phone: (867) 966-3261
Natasha Frost Director ext. 250/ (867) 966-3519
Paige Tizya-Tramm Family Support Worker ext. 245
Kathie Nukon Native Court Worker ext. 251
Renita Kakfwi Home and Community Care Coordinator ext. 259
Candace Blake Social Administrator ext. 248/ (867) 966-3351
Education Phone: (867) 966-3261
Mymee chow Director ext. 235
Glenna Tetlichi ESW II, Whitehorse (867) 667-8665 ext308
Faye Elias Education Clerk ext. 223
Lisa Van Fleet Employment and Training Officer ext. 253
Information Systems Phone: (867) 966-3261
Michael Peter Computer Support Techincian ext. 247

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